Nick Adamson

Nick Adamson:
Born: St. Louis 1986
Education: BA Marketing, Webster U
Work: Talent Scout for Access Talent
Adamson is versed in Chet Adkins style, or finger pickin and has been teaching guitar since the age of 16. He picked up the mandolin at age 19 after seeing Chris Thile and NickleCreek perform. He decided that day he wanted to be in a band. Adamson performed with the band Tipping Holly from 2005-2009 and blew up in Cape.
Nick is now looking to perform at open mics. He currently inherited a pair of flip-flops from his father and said”These flip-flops changed my life!” and when talking of his band Whale Shark he said: ” I like making whale noises with my mandolin.” Wow. Thats profound!
Nick still teaches and can be reached at 314-221-0986 or by e-mail at
If you want to hear him make whale noised go to



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