EXTRA! EXTRA! Kate King and Sam Davis’s write up in the St. Louis Beacon

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Amy MacLennan

For more information about Amy and samples of her work go to amymaclennan.com

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Snail Scott

Snail can be reached at snail@snailscott.com Her site is currently under construction but nevertheless can be accessed at http://www.snailscott.com … More to come!

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Ian Dickens

Howdy, I’m a designer interested in branding identity, information design, storytelling, and travel. In my spare time. I like to balance my distinct lack of hand-eye coordination by running, biking, and watching too much Mad Men.

For more info check out: http://www.iandickensdesign.com

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Cindy Jackson

Yes, my work has a figurative aspect to it, but look deeper and you’ll see that the work is not about the figures’ surface, but about our internal emotional worlds that sit within those boundaries. My work is about relationships; between people and their relationship with themselves. I have always wanted my work to be reflective of our inner psychology, to show internal motivation. The human form, to me, is the door by which we see into ourselves.  It has taken me many years just to begin to understand human form, now I feel I am able to show my hand in my work while at the same time refer the viewer past the surface and into the work itself. As I grow older my life experience has taught me that the energy we bring to our relationships is tenuous at best and full of resonating and conflicting emotion. Lately, my work is getting much larger. I feel that this is an important step forward. I realize that as the work gets bigger, the relationship of my work to the viewer changes, becoming more active and visceral. These large figures then take on not only an aggressively direct relationship to the viewer, but they also begin to inform each other in dialog.   By positioning one large sculpture in a room next to another large sculpture, the space between them and the way they interact with each other takes on its own kind of narrative conversation. Imagine a room full of huge twisted figures, whose gestures may all point to each other in such a way that the entire room is having a deep and silent underlying conversation. I am also experimenting with casting materials that can bring an additional layer of meaning to the work. No longer do I feel limited to the casting materials of the past, but I now feel the need to bring even more visceral interpretation into the work through the complexity of its casting. For instance, the figure  “Salvation” may be cast and filled with helium so that the figure bobs around on the ceiling, not quite having succeeded in rapture.  That is where my work is heading.

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To see more work or contact Cindy go to: http://www.cjacksonsculpture.com/

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Chris Burton

The most compelling force driving my art is the desire to outwardly express the most inner parts of my Self, and to hopefully forge a connection with the viewer on some level. 
I consider this expression to be a gift that I have received, and it is my pleasure and passion to express it. My paintings allow me an outlet to represent Connection, Struggle, Conflict, Enlightenment, Pain, Wonder, Transcendence and even Transformation. In other simple words, what makes me (and all of us) uniquely Human. I feel that our inner worlds are always evolving and calling to us. We need only listen and honor what we hear. 
I feel that my success lies in my ability to listen and connect this inner world to an outer Expression.

My paintings usually do not employ recognizable images apart from a subtle icon or symbol that may represent a hint of archetypical meaning. Many paintings begin with the application of a texture medium, which I feel adds to the emotion of the piece. Paintings are then created in many layers using acrylic paints, a variety of techniques and added mediums. I use custom hand-crafted wood board and framing.

Please contact me with your inquiries, comments and for information on current pricing.
Thanks for visiting and check back periodically to see what’s new!

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For More information and to contact Chris go to http://www.chrisburtonstudio.com

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Valia Arnaudova – Tcholakova.

Born in Bulgaria, 1956. Education – Master’s Degree in literature.

Spoken languages: English, French, Bulgarian, Russian.

Love – art.

I started painting just recently, and was getting admirers of my work. Et voila -my dream was born. I decided to implement a business plan. I worked as a teacher in Literature in Europe, Bulgaria, Kardjali. I have to say thanks to my ex-students, the geeks from Otetz Paisii High School for Mathematics and Computer Sciences, for being interested in my work: art – literature comparative analysis.  Now I am trying to use this knowledge and incorporate it into art. I hope to apply the prior experience as well as the art research for many years in my new found business. I have the greatest appreciation for oils.  Probably a result of European upbringing and sense of beauty, peace and harmony, I decided   to dedicate my work to the Old Masters’ painting techniques. I am very happy to explore   this field of the human civilization and make it my life’s work.

I live in Saint Louis, MO, USA.

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To contact Valia or commission a work go to: http://www.valia.us/index.html

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