Justin Bailey

St. Louis, MO
BFA candidate in studio art at, emphasis in sculpture expected may 2012
internship: Museum tech/conservator intern at Laumeier Sculpture Park and Museum, summer 2011
Humanity has a unique niche in our world, the ability to examine all things and put them into perspective amongst one another. Much of my work observes how man perceives this world and setting ourselves apart from it, be it through contemplation, or actions we take in our attempt to create a the essence of our own control. My most recent work presents line and form to the viewer with the intent of creating flow within the object from the line, finding a point of balance and equilibrium. Line is not a natural occurrence, but in truth one created in the mind of man and imposed on our world by us. Line is continuous in the form, either organic, or rigid and structural adhering to geometric and algebraic standards, but always investigating the ability to develop into something more. I work in two and three dimensional form and explore the transition from one dimension to the other, seeking to alter one’s perception through a series of lines, maintaining a simple aesthetic, embracing a minimal skin and bones structure. Wood and thread become the realizations of the drawn line. The forms in completion take on energy and become a life-like entity of their own.

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 I’m currently working on several projects for my BFA Exhibition, May 4th 2012 (3407 California @ Cherokee). These pieces explore the combination of the wood’s attributes as a tool of human construction but also a former piece of the natural world, and the creation of surface through altered planes and layers fusing organic and man-made design.

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