Gregg Rasmusson

Originally from Fargo ND, Gregg moved around the midwest before settling in west St. Louis county when he was 12. He always had an interest in art growing up, and decided he wanted to study art in college.
After a brief stint studying art at Alfred in New York State, he decided he missed big city life and started over at Kansas City Art Institute. During his studies there he studied under Cary Esser and George Timock, as well as many different visiting instructors due to the sudden retirement of the long time throwing instructor Victor Babu. College was Gregg’s introduction to wheel throwing and he quickly took to it. His senior year focused around teapot design and other lidded vessels.
Gregg ended up back in St. Louis shortly after college and eventually moved to Overland. After a hiatus from ceramics for a while he began to heavily invest time and effort into his work once again. Last year he was in Art Outside (an art fair in Maplewood) and did very well. This year he has decided to pursue doing more art fairs and will be in several this year throughout the country. You can see him and his work at Art Fair Laumeier May 11-13th.
Although he is constantly experimenting with new forms and ideas the body of work he is focusing on right now he calls “utskaret”, which is Norwegian for “carved”. The series is reminiscent of mid century modern design, and also of contemporary scandinavian ceramics. It uses simple elegant forms with bold colors and designs. He has many different vase and lidded vessel forms in the collection, with plans on adding more pieces later in the year.

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