Lauren Marx

Before I plug in the information that Lauren sent me for this blog, I have something to say. As a graduate of Webster’s fine arts program, I frequent the halls of the art building. Of all of the work I have seen recently, Lauren’s stands out. Not only does she have an obviously strong work ethic, she has an amazing ability to morph animal bodies into galactic bodies. It eludes to a connection between all living and what we would consider non living things. She has some truly outstanding work. Enjoy!

Currently, I am a Sophomore at Webster University pursuing a B.F.A. in Drawing. I have grown up in St. Louis for almost all of my life, living in several homes everywhere from “The Hill” to South St. Louis County. My goals over the next two years are to embrace my own personal art and discover new mysteries for me to solve.

 The artwork shown here is comprised of my most recent work including drawings and paintings. These artworks are my attempts to understand and relate the phenomena of space to biological phenomena that’s closer to home. After viewing documentaries and images of Nebulae such as The Pillars of Creation, Bow-Tie Nebula, Cat-Eye Nebula; and forces such as flux ropes and galactic collisions; I began seeing them as living organisms. I saw them as incredibly complex god-like animals ripping themselves apart and rebuilding themselves or other animals, just like how nebulae build stars. They became my obsession. The particles became flesh and the gaseous clouds became bone and fur.  For me, the violence became breathtakingly beautiful.

My drawings are currently made with pen and and colored ink pencils on watercolor paper of various sizes. My paintings are all acrylic on wood panel. Right now, I am still working on drawings and paintings in my Universal Series. I plan on exploring this theme in new mediums and multi-media artworks. I am excited to see how the theme changes over time.  

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