Muriel Eulich

I was born in Paris ,France to a lovely lineage of artists. My grandparents were well respected artists in Paris and their work could be seen in the Elysee Palace in Paris. The French equivalent of the White House! My grandfather was a designer for Christofle and his work is sold these days for very high prices in Paris and all over the world.
I graduated with a Masters in Art Therapy from Lesley University in Boston, Mass. I practiced for many years in psych hospitals and in private practice. I also taught several years at Maryville University directing the Art Therapy program there. After having three children I decided to stick closer to home and concentrated more on making my own art. I took night classes for years at Fontbonne working on technique and such in their painting program.
Today I work out of my studio in U. City painting most every day. My medium is watercolor and I enjoy painting people’s stories. I have done Colorado rodeo, international portraits of characters I have met while traveling, my Yoga series and Pearl Series. Right now I am painting for a solo show this summer at Art Saint Louis. The theme is Breast Cancer and I am trying to tell the stories of several women who have or are fighting the battle. It has been a three year project and it took two of those years just to figure out how I was going to tell this story. But I am feeling confident today that I have gleaned some of the major themes for these women. I have lost two of my subjects since I started this project. I have some more painting to do but am happy with I have so far.
I hope that you will be interested enough to come see what I am doing!
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