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I graduated from Webster University with my bachelor’s degree in studio art, where I focused mainly on photography and ceramics. Previously, I graduated Lewis and Clark Community College with my associate’s in graphic design. Since graduating Webster in May of 2011, I have been sustaining myself by working as a ceramicist, photographer, graphic designer, and teacher.

My favorite medium is the indigenous clay I dig up myself from a graveyard near my home. From its excavation to its transformation into a finished product, the clay is only altered by my hand, a bit of glaze, and its firing in the kiln. Digging, shaping, and firing the clay becomes a ritual that connects me with the earth, allowing me to shape my world.

When I am away from my home studio, I prefer to take photos with a Holga camera that I always keep with me. The images created with the Holga cannot be controlled fully by the user. With the Holga, I give up control of the finished product, because the exposure is never quite what I expect. Photography with the Holga becomes a meditation on letting go of my expectations, and giving up control of my vision to the medium itself.

I am first and foremost an artist, but I also work as a freelance graphic designer and a teacher. I have created all of the images used at E-52ʻs restaurant in Litchfield, IL, including their menu, their logo, and much of their advertising. I also teach courses on wheel throwing and childrenʼs art for the Edwardsville Arts Center, and started teaching digital photography at Lewis and Clark Community College in the Spring of 2012.

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