Elaine Harris

I grew up in the woods south of DeSoto, Missouri, and now live very happily in Saint Louis.

The five oil paintings shown here have exhibited in group shows in Saint Louis.

“Twentieth Century Blue Boy” was painted in homage to Picasso, when his painting “Boy With A Pipe” set a record for highest sale ever in 2009.

The second painting is untitled. It was inspired by a Grimm’s Fairy Tale, involving a vision a boy had through a window that a woman was a witch. He knew her secret because he saw her with her head on fire. I changed the woman to a man. I’ve had spells from men on me before; I’m allowed.

The third painting is also untitled, my attempts at appreciation of Magritte and surrealism.

“Entreaty and Mars” involves a recent romantic entanglement. I was asked to portray what the fulfillment of physical aspects of our relationship would mean to me.

“Godiva Klimt Medusa Rapunzel” ties together the folklore of three different women. All made sacrifices or mistakes that made them legendary, and they are all tied together by their legendary hair.

Art was my first love; it is a love forever.

I thank Sam Davis for giving Saint Louis 365 living testaments to its great artistic legacy.

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For more information and to contact Elaine she can be reached at:

Email: elaine7harris@hotmail.com


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One Response to Elaine Harris

  1. Anthony Blake says:

    Wonderful, creative, and beautiful work! I have seen her work before and if you think these pieces are amazing online, you should see them in person. Big Fan!

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