Matt Gordon-Forbes

I am Matt Gordon-Forbes, senior BFA student at Webster University with an emphasis in drawing. I currently reside in O’Fallon, Illinois with my fiancé, in-laws, and our two crazy cats. As of my junior year I have begun transitioning from Madison Elizabeth to Matthew Elijah—and this coming out has changed my life as well as my artwork.

A lot of my artwork deals with the physical body—I am a figurative and narrative artist. I enjoy using body language, hand gestures, facial expressions, etc. to tell a story. After hearing the inspirational poetry of Andrea Gibson for the first time, my junior year, I thought to myself: I want to make art the way Andrea makes poetry.

I wanted to make art about something that mattered.

Around this time I began doing small graphic literature and paintings revolving around not only being a transgendered individual, but depression, anxiety, isolation, the covering of emotions—things in my life I had often had difficulty talking about. I wanted to make art on these issues because I feel topics such as suffering from depression are seen as taboo in our culture. We should not be ashamed of sadness, taking medication, being plagued with gender dysphoria—we need to accept these feelings and disorders as part of ourselves and above all else, we should be allowed to talk about them.

Currently I am working on a larger graphic narrative entitled “Casualties”—named after a bold statement Andrea Gibson had made “not all casualties come home in body bags.” It will include short stories revolving around distance from loved ones, loneliness, isolation, depression, and other day to day emotions not only I suffer from, but others as well.

On the side, I enjoy doing small paintings and drawings of memories from intersections. I thoroughly enjoy the beauty and qualities of lines that come from poles, stop lights, hanging wires, street signs, etc.

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