Jessica Witte

City of birth: Omaha, Nebraska.

Education: MFA in Sculpture, Northern Illinois University and BFA in Painting. Printmaking, Art History Minor. University of Nebraska- Kearney. (Real education: 14 years of volunteering to do anything art-related, then slowly learning to say no)

Internships: Curatorial Internship at the Museum of Nebraska Art, Director Internship at Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts.

Volunteering: I will be making my Birdseed Doilies as part of the St. Louis County Library’s “Feeding Backyard Birds” family activity on February 25 beginning at 11am at the Thornhill Branch. I’m also teaching Webelos about art for their Art Badge in Brentwood, MO. I just began my three-year term serving as a member of the Creve Coeur Arts Commission, after working two years on the Creve Coeur Public Art Task Force to create the Commission.

2009 Award of Merit. Art St Louis XXV, the Exhibition. Sheryl Conkelton, juror. Art St. Louis. St. Louis, MO.
2005 Best in Show. Mighty Midwest Biennial. New Visions Gallery. Marshfield, WI.
2005 Winter Residency. Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. Nebraska City, NE.
2004 Juror’s Choice. Katherine Huntoon, Juror. Tri-State Sculpture Celebration. J.E. Broyhill Park. Lenoir, NC.
2000 University of Nebraska-Kearney Undergraduate Research Travel Grant.

Since grad school, I have become interested in residue, minimalism and finding the most modest means necessary to get an idea across. I am concerned most with “fixing the transitory”, making artwork as a way to stop the march of time and shifting dynamics. I am continuing my “birdseed drawing” projects- ephemeral works that are non-toxic, fragile, humorous and created on-site. Another continuing project is my collection of “idiosyncratic maps” -humorous cartographic works that mine emotional and subjective territory (started in 2008 when I moved to St. Louis from northern Illinois). And most recently, I am working on new works and ways to bridge my experience of parenthood into my studio practice.

I have taught art appreciation and studio classes at several venues in Illinois and Missouri for the past eight years. I am looking for evening and weekend classes, or workshops with students of all levels and ages.

Media: seed, plant materials, ink, marker and tea on canvas, plaster, soap, video, multi-media, but my favorite while time, money and space allow is installation, contact me at


Chicago art press:

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