Naomi Silver

Can’t find any brush strokes in my paintings? Here’s why. My unique style is attained through the spontaneous application of acrylic and tempera paint with my fingers. This unorthodox technique enables me to create a variety of textures and energetic, fluid designs. I squeeze the paint right onto the canvas, where it blends into vibrant, saturated colors. My art has been seen in numerous venues in St. Louis since I began painting at the end of August, 2009, and my work has been shown in Lexington, Kentucky, Boston, Massachusetts, and Lyon, France. My paintings have been sold to collectors on the east coast, the Midwest and southern United States. I am a native of St. Louis where I live with my husband and parrot. 

What people are saying about Naomi’s work 

 “…delicious and interesting…they bring a state of extreme peace.” “Excellent use of such vibrant colors…love the texture!” “There is a certain peacefulness about her work that captivates and soothes at the same time.” “Each art piece she creates is seriously one of a kind!. Amazing! Her art is the breath of fresh air that everyone should own a part of.”

The painting process 

My paintings are all spontaneously, intuitively created. When I sit down to a blank canvas, I have no idea what the color scheme or the design will be. It’s always a surprise. In fact, I work very hard not to consciously interfere with the intuitive process. The technique I love painting with my fingers. This is how I create the texture as well as the sense of movement and energy in these works. I prefer this technique to painting with a brush because it allows me to transfer spontaneous inspirations directly to the canvas, without the intermediary of a brush. The materials People often ask why I use tempera. In all honestly, I bought tempera paints when I began painting because they were cheap. I then realized that I couldn’t find certain colors in acrylic that exist in tempera. I decided to stick with the tempera for that reason and the fact that it moves differently on the canvas, giving me a bit more flexibility in creating textures. The colors I almost always mix the colors on the canvas as I begin to move the paint around. I rarely mix colors and then apply them to the canvas.

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