Krista Rose Frohling

Krista Rose Frohling Born, Raised, and currently residing in St. Louis, MO and the near suburbia.  Education: B.A.Photography Webster University Certificate of Entrepreneurship Currently working on: MFA  Cinema and Photography from Souther Illinois University Carbondale Artistic Bio: First and foremost, I am and always will be a still photographer.  My primary work is done in the studio composed of figure studies through body painting and low key lighting as a specialty.  I was deeply influenced as a child by the great F64 group and it’s respective members, including Ansel Adams and Edward Weston.  These were the people that inspired me to create.  Though, I have meandered from my roots of landscape and still life photography, I still am inspired by the drive to inspire.  I strive daily to make work that is both accesible, yet deeply inspired by media theory and philosophies.
I strongly believe in making art that is both aesthetically pleasing so as to be accessible to the “public”, yet intellectual enough to be received by the “art world”.  This early on in a career it is nearly impossible to fully subscribe to the Jerry Uelsmann ideology of creating something that is just pure beauty.  Perhaps someday.  I want the viewer to receive a strong inspirational message from my work, wether or not it coincides with my personal implications for each specific project is irrelevant to me personally.  Art is subjective, art is personal and I anticipate everything I create to be taken in such a manner, to assume anything else is folly.  Achievements: Well if you want a C.V. contact my secretary.  She is currently sleeping in a small tuft of fur under my computer right next to the fan… good luck waking her, she has claws and very sharp teeth.

Here is a link to Krista’s video:


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