Josh Monroe

City of Birth: Dallas, Texas

Education: KCAI 1994-1995
Webster University 2004 – 2009

Volunteer Work: Left hand is unsure of the right hands’ activities

Bio of Work: Printmaker, Composer, Poet. Currently working on a series of piano and cello inventions. Revolving around a notion of bi/tri/tonal exercises loosely inspired by the old Looney Tunes cartoon music. A level of virtuosity tied to a programmatic theme of playful earnestness. Poems are sporadic these days and are born from notes taken during printing sketches. Reverberations between actions, ideas, accidents, and failure. Failure from a non-binary stance. A moment outside of intention that alters a process creating new channels of thought.
Several print/poem collaborations hovering around a feeling of/towards/about Japan. Two woodcuts, two blocks each have been finished. The Thought Inside a Cherry Blossom. and Red Blood Flows Through Green Tea Leaf. Not finished yet, but close is a three block woodcut Latitude/Longitude Bird taking Flight Composite/Hippocampus Cherry Blossoms/Green Tea Arterial Vein.
Started a woodcut today slotted to be called Legions of Brine. from Pablo Neruda.
Started a wood engraving Time is a Fish.
Projects rolling around in the mental miasma, a series of Fractured Birds, a life sized Self portrait of my decomposing body in a coffin surrounded by snail shells entitled Threshold, and a series of fifty woodcuts of fifty Ginko leaves.





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