Shannon Piwowarczyk

I’m a Saint Louis native and an alumnus of Webster University with a BA in studio art. I’ve had a strict creative focus on drawing and painting, yet skilled in various other mediums. My passion encourages me to seek a creative outlet for expression, employment, and entertainment. Currently, I’m realizing more than ever, my inspiration in my surroundings is collaborating with my interests in history, anthropology, fashion, and psychology. I find Saint Louis’ history stimulating (especially the Victorian Era) and there are bits and pieces of history through out the city’s urban blight. There is a quiet and forgotten elegance in such things as the suppressed brick roads resurfacing from beneath the layers of asphalt streets or large dilapidated homes housing trees and other urban wild life. I am delighted to see such graceful disrepair and how the tree roots itself to the crumbling foundation. I take pleasure in fantasizing a world that embraces the desolated and festering foundations and creating an inner dialogue for the characters I place in them. Shannon can be reached via e-mail at:













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2 Responses to Shannon Piwowarczyk

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  2. jerry respring says:

    I like your eye ball. Can I have it?

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