Braden Baumann

Birthplace: Saint Louis, MO

Education: BFA Studio Art with emphasis in Photography, Webster University

I’m interested in a lot of things, and a lot of media. I love information. And I think it’s good to have a broad range of it. I avoid categorizing things, or establishing a hierarchy of ideas, or labeling things as “more” or “less” significant. I like philosophy, neuroscience, physics, math… I also like funny pictures of cats. I think variety is very important to any creative process. You need as much material as possible to pull from. It may not all make it into the work, but at least it’s there if you need it.

My current work deals mostly with consciousness and perception, and our constructions therein. I feel it’s a good topic for me, it’s very expansive and applicable to virtually everything. It’s very easy to plug in to new variables, new areas of interest. There are lots of intriguing things to digest… It’s really the biggest umbrella I can find. I’m very interested in our relationship with our own consciousness, that it is this intrinsic system we utilize but rarely understand, that it can be altered, falsified, or even adversarial at times. Consciousness is also self-referential. It is the only tool available to analyze itself. That sort of inherently meta condition is fascinating to me.

Viewer involvement is a key part of my art. It really is a key part of all art, I just like to bring the idea to the forefront. I don’t believe I make physical things as much as I make scenarios for viewers. I don’t really make things to look at, but things to look through. Not unlike a lens. I use a lot of video cameras, mirrors, and projectors and feed them into one another, letting the viewer interact with them so they become the driving force of the piece. When they’re not there, not much happens. I’m really into the work of Olafur Eliasson and his notions of “seeing yourself seeing”. Meta-perception. I guess that is what I want the viewer to experience.

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Input: Mixed media installation

In this piece I connect a video camera to a projector, then feed the projector an image of it’s own light, resulting in a feedback loop. When the viewer enters the space, their shadow is cast upon the viewing screen and enters the feedback loop. The shadow is mirrored infinitely, shifting in size, and delayed slightly in time. It enters a sort of quantum state, occupying multiple places in one moment. There have been a few iterations of this scenario, varying in size mostly, but the overall effect remains constant.

also attached: Video still from Synesthesia 2011


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