Timothy E. Wagner

Timothy E. Wagner
city of birth : Saint Louis, MO

My current non-objective paintings develop a specific visual language that defines subject matter and content, The paintings evolve in layers that vary from thin transparencies to thick gestural forms.

The resulting surface is a combination and culmination of my thought process and experience. Every layer of paint, every mark on the picture plane becomes a crucial meaning of its history and the eventual resolution of the statement.

Form, atmospheric space and color are the catalyst for my imagery illuminating the world of our natural and urban surroundings.
basic contact info:
website: www.timothyewagner.com
email: Soundmanstl@aol.com
cell: (314) 497 5468

Current Project: Abstract  paintings on canvas and stonehenge / bristol paper: all sizes vary
currently submitting to 7th Annual Art Walk in St. Charles, MO tba
Gateway Gallery, Clayton, MO tba
sending proposals to Kansas City Galleries tba
Live art for the following as of January: Naught Gras. Friday Feb 10th @ Koken Art Factory
more live art shows tba


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