Tony Renner

City of birth: Hlllsboro, Illinois

Short bio: Tony Renner is a late-bloomer. He earned his M.A. in American Culture Studies from Washington University in St. Louis some 29 years after graduating from high school in 1979. Almost immediately after completing his Master’s thesis in 2007, Renner started painting. He says, “Painting was about as far from writing as I could get.”  One of his first works received an award of excellence from Art St. Louis. In addition to his visual art blog, Renner started a blog in 2009 to post a batch of poems that he wrote as a high school student, and started writing new poems to post during that year’s National Poetry Month. Renner gave his first poetry reading in August of 2009. You can see his visual art at and read his poetry at

A Link to Tony’s work space can be found at:

Photos of Tony with his work can be found at:



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  1. Tom Miller says:

    Trying to contact Tony Renner about buying his art

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