Mikah Webb

Born:1985 in St.Louis
Graduated from Windsor High
I walk into his apartment and I am smacked with the Doors “love me two times” blaring on the LP. The smell of cigarettes and spray-paint fill the air and there is paintings and drawing all over the walls. I ask him if he has heard of Francis Bacon, he says no and seems ashamed that he doesn’t. I assure him that he’s on the right track if he got this far without the influence of Bacon. A Dali poster leans against the wall next to an iconic Monroe poster and a melting clock runs down the entertainment center.
Ink is Mikah’s money medium but water color and charcoal run a close second. Letting nature be his collaborator, Webb paints beautifully grotesque watercolor portraits them leaves them out in the elements. Mikah interprets a portrait and waits while Earth injects her life into the work. Weather goes to work and the outcome is unlike any aesthetic man alone could accomplish.
Mikah’s current project is welding together his “limo-bike.”
Webb currently works at Enigma Tattoo shop on Delmar and can be contacted at: mwebb188@gmail.com


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