Katrin “KUUMBA” Butler Powell

Kuumba has over 20 years experience, creating sculpture from paper, wood, cloth, metal, tape, wire, natural found objects,etc. She has experience in multi-cultural mask-making, teaching in workshops and community art projects. Painting and drawing portraits, Illustrations for books and other print materials. Painting with oils, acrylics, inks, water color and multi-media. Painting on wood, canvas, paper, cloth and other surfaces. She also has experience in paper making, ceramics, costuming, set design, photography and bench building. Kuumba has been participating in Art Exhibits in St. Louis and abroad for over 20 years.

Kuumba the Writer & Story Teller:Sharing stories of American and African American Legends. Purpose is to enrich, delight and enlighten the minds of people. Story telling enhanced with music (Keyboard), dramatic costumes and hand drawn Illustrations. As a writer for the last 10 years, writing children’s books (using her own illustrations.) Kuumba can be reached at




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