Deirdre Schaneman

Born: 1966 in Laramie, Wyoming, raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Education: BA in Filmscoring and Composition from Berklee College of Music in Boston, 1991

I started my artistic pursuits in music, but I always felt like I was chasing someone else’s muse. In 2002, my life took a drastic turn when the suicide of my best friend made me reevaluate the direction my life was headed. Realizing that life was short, I shook things up and decided to stop playing life so safely. In an off-the-cuff decision, I took a class in glass beadmaking…and my muse and I finally met.

Hot glass is not an easy art to master – it has a will of its own and any creation is truly a collaborative effort between artist and molten medium. I have cuts and burns to remind me that one must always respect this muse…and while it is sometimes a painful craft, the results can be breathtakingly beautiful, which is what keeps me melting glass year after year.

I love that my work allows me to adorn the most amazing work of art of all – the human form. When I’m designing jewelry, I try to keep the words of architect Frank Lloyd Wright – “Form follows function.” A piece of jewelry, no matter how beautiful, is only a success if it complements the natural beauty of its wearer and gives her joy.

I can be contacted at
My website is http://www.deirdreschaneman.com20120116-000654.jpg






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