Stefanie Sylvester

I’m from Washington, DC and have a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago.
I pressed the reset button when I moved to St. Louis. I was a corporate office girl in DC whoalways used to paint but somehow didn’t make time for it for years. Then there was the Snowpocalypse. Cabin fever drove me back to the canvas and I loved it so much I started changing my life to make more and more time for it. A landmark moment for me was quitting my day job and diving into the deep end of living for my art. Fast forward to my sister finding an ad for the Leather Trades Artist Lofts, which sold me on moving here. I had a work space, a creative community, and a new adventure in a new city with my sister.

My main focus is on collage, often from children’s coloring books to invoke nostalgia and whimsy in the images. I add to the image gradually, in paint, charcoal, textures, and found images. Because of the process involved in making my artworks, each piece is a document of a gradual building of meaning through the layering of texture and imagery.

I reimagine the lines on the canvas, whether to change their context or to completely take them over. It eventually plunges into complete abstraction with traces of collaged paper evoking a history no longer visible. Even when no paper remains visible, my lines follow the curves of the original line drawings, retaining a ghostly imprint like a memory.

My current work continues in my exploration of the building process. I’ve begun playing with depth in my layers, adding further abstractions and exploring the traces left by the past.

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One Response to Stefanie Sylvester

  1. Kurt Ritterpusch says:

    Your work is impressive. You have developed qualities in your style that would lend themselves to a larger scale. The lines are strong here.

    Glad to see you have continued to practice and produce.

    Take care,

    Kurt ritterpusch

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