Allan Baumgartner

The terms tattoo artist, gymnast, movie star, musician, painter, father, daughter, climber of Mt. Everest, paramedic, lifeguard, spiritual advisor, poet, leather worker, sculpture, and champion for disabled children could be used to describe Allen, (minus one or two.) Overall Allen can be nut-shelled as an un-net-shellable guy. With plenty of stories, scars and poetic adventures to back his inked appearance, Allen comes across as a genuinely honest and curious guy.
His current work deals with a technique used by the poor and slaves in America to create single-stringed instruments called a diddely-bo. Starting with a chunk of an old red door, a spam can, and a thermometer off of an old BBQ grill, Baumgartner hodge podges scraps of metal and string to construct a visually stunning and audibly pleasing work of art. Stay tuned for more info.



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