Michael Coleman

20120117-194918.jpg20120109-084140.jpg20120109-084128.jpgColeman has an assured California cool school style with the attitude to match. When we meet, he is sporting a pair of tan colored italian shoes, forest green slacks and a salmon colored button up. He cant resist but top all that with textured wool sports coat and black framed Raybans. Coleman is an early childhood educator, and draws much of his aesthetic from southwestern Native American culture. Aside from a keen knowledge about history and culture, Coleman is well versed in mid-century modern furniture and design. In his current project Coleman combines African American with Native American culture. He creates dreamcatchers woven with discarded hair weaves. Michael Coleman was born in Santa Monica CA and now resides in the South Grand neighborhood of St.Louis. A web album of Mike’s work can be found at: https://picasaweb.google.com/112882788846001830504/OlderWorkMetagraphicLate1990S
If you are interested in showing this body of work in your space or know someone who would, please contact him at; mojavemoog@gmail.com





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