Larry “General” Brown

Larry Brown is an ABC certified orthotic technician. Yeah, I know. What the hell is that? That’s an artisian. Thats a person who works with pedorthists. The pedorthists inspects a persons feet and gait, writes a formula for correction of a persons off-balanced bio-mechanics and stabilization of thier feet/body. Larry takes that formula and excecutes it all the way down to a 1/16th of an inch. Some of his tools include, oven, vacuum press, belt sander and of course the trusty utility knife to name a few. Some of his mediums include, polypropaline(heat moldable plastic), heat moldable cork, masters glue, spenco, MP35, pigskin and various types of soft plastics, foam and soleing materials. Building custom orthotics is a rare art, and Brown is a true craftsman in the field. Brown currently works full time at Comfort Shoe Specialists at 11693 Manchester Road, Des Peres MO



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