Thoughts on “Exit Through the Gift Shop”

a movie by BANKSY

To start I would like to say that I am a little partial to this “documentary film.” Although I am not much of a street artist myself, I have a fine appreciation for these rascals. The movie was made well, but don’t believe the hype. Here is a summary: French dude who always has his camera on (Thierry Geutta) meets Space Invader (well known street artist,) who introduces him to Shepard Fairey (OBEY). He earns their trust and gets hooked up with Banksy.  Thierry gets inspired and starts to make his own street art under the name “Mr. Brain-Wash” or “MBW”. They make a good team and Banksy tells him to make a film of all of his footage of street artist in action. When Banksey sees that the movie is shit he tells Thierry to have a small art show and he will have a go at the film. Thierry invest everything he owns into the show setting up a studio and employees. With Banksy’s and Shepard’s blessings the show makes it into the LA Times and is a hit. He sells over a million a the first opening. Banksy an Shepard suddenly develop a sharp dislike for this MBW. At the end of the film on the note that MBW left a bad taste in their mouth, and they will never endorse another person like him.  I think it is fairly obvious that these three fellows are now laughing their way to the bank. I would like to hear anyone else’s opinions about this film.


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